Understanding the impacts of COVID is a stressful and confusing time for our community.

Tabs for creative expression activities to do at home to support healthy conversations about the emotional effects of the virus, a quick guide to our resources and helpful information from our partners
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1. How do you feel?: A feelings chart and worksheet to help identify emotions around COVID19 experiences.
2. Make your Emotions Move: Sometimes it’s hard to know what we’re feeling until we stop and think about it. This is a game to help us connect how we feel, with how we express ourselves.
3. Emotions map: Use color and pattern to explore emotions and describe how you’re feeling right now.
4. Rabbit Chase: Super Bunny is a brave rabbit that helps chase away bad things or problems. Video on how to do the activity!
5. Feeling Words:  Use shape, color, and movement to help visualize emotions. Art with Heart is excited to collaborate with Childhaven on an accompanying caregiver’s activity guide and community resource sheet to help families. Video on how to do the activity led by a kid!

Magnificent Marvelous Me!

Spreading the healing power of creative expression to kids facing trauma or adversity​

Chill & Spill Therapeutic Art Activity Book

The Art of Healing

Art with Heart brings the healing power of creative expression to kids and adults serving kids. We know art can turn pain into possibility. Our goal is to provide creative tools, resources, and support to any kid or community in need of healing. Our therapeutic activity books are designed for kids age 5-18. Printed curricula, in-person and online trainings are available for adults who are leading or looking to lead creative expression programs with the kids they serve.

Our books and programs empower adults to effectively help kids work through their feelings, build resilience, and see a future full of possibility via creative expression.

Amina's Story

"When you know yourself, you're healthier. And these books help you know yourself."

Megan's Story

"this program helped me become more aware of my emotions and
choose better choices."

Brian's Story

"This book helped me with how to get out all of my feelings by drawing."

Seattle School's Story

"I feel calmer after I make art."

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