Art with Heart is a nonprofit based in Seattle, WA, dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of children adversely affected by hardship, using creativity to lead to inspired possibilities. Since 2002, we have created healing, therapeutic books that bring together the best in therapy with the best in illustration to help children and teens facing distress and hardship. We offer trainings and programs to help children locally as well.

We believe that despite the many challenges children and teens face – illness, rape, divorce, separation, grief – their hearts can mend and they can thrive once again.

Our well-researched and evidence-based methods allow them to express their pain and their power so they can move beyond hardship and uncertainty to a lifetime of confidence and courage, so they can re-write their future.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help children overcome hardship through creative expression.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children can turn pain into possibility.

Founding Principles

1. Kids first. Always.
2. Collaboration is key.
3. Excellent quality is a brand value.
4. Our therapeutic books are core to how we do our mission.
5. We embrace best practices in governance, culture, and ethics.

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  • Glance at more TESTIMONIALS from caregivers, parents and children who have used our curriculum or healing books with great success.
  • Learn more about why creative expression is important and help MAKE THE CASE to others who may not know.
  • Visit our MEDIA section for downloadable information sheets about each of our therapeutic books, useful links, and FAQs.