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Big emotions come in small packages; anyone who knows a toddler can attest to that. This fall, when I brought my daughter Lucy to preschool, I noticed a chart posted just inside the door: four rectangles in basic colors were captioned with “How Am I Feeling?” What I didn’t realize was that this would become one[…read more…]

Stones for Peace at Navos

December 12th, 2016.

When Sally, one of Art with Heart’s program coordinators, tells people she’s running a program at Navos Behavioral Health, she says that she watches their eyes go big, or their eyebrows fly up in surprise. She says that they comment about how difficult that must be. It’s easy to understand why people might respond this[…read more…]

Losing Lantu, Building Community

November 14th, 2016.

Imagine losing a friend as close as family. Not just any friend, but one who seemed capable of anything. A friend whose determination and spirit meant that nothing could hold her back. That’s the kind of friend—the kind of person—Lantu was. In Ethiopia, children with special needs can lose out: on parents, education, and community.[…read more…]

When asked what superpower they’d like to have, over thirty percent of people say they’d want to read minds. As a therapist, I get it—I’d probably be the most helpful therapist of all time if I always knew what my clients were thinking. This is what was going through my mind during my last day at Camp Sparkle, a[…read more…]

If you’re going to play goalie, you’ve gotta be willing to take a few dives. You have to be tenacious and bold, ready to turn on a dime and prepared to endure the occasional pummeling. Luckily, Justin Willingham knows a thing or two about resilience. At the beginning of Magnificent Marvelous Me! club at Roxhill[…read more…]

In the South Bronx, kids grow up fast. Jan Moskowitz, who counsels kids in this neighborhood, says that she sees kids who have witnessed violence and been in and out of shelters. They’ve been in foster care and seen family members incarcerated. “Their maturity level is way beyond their emotional development,” Jan says, and part[…read more…]

“We were doing the numbers, and I think we came up with 63,000. 63,000 kids in King county alone who could benefit from grief services and aren’t receiving them.” Many people would hear a number like that and feel defeated, but not Marci. Instead, she sees a need and works to find a way to[…read more…]

Before ten-year-old “Amina” got a copy of Ink About It, school counselor Laura Bermes said, “She’d hold her hands around her throat during recess as if she was drowning. She’d bite the inside of her cheeks until she bled.” Amina’s father had died several years before in an accident, and Amina was given only one[…read more…]

“I looked at all the gorgeous creations people around me had made, and I was so embarrassed. I hid everything I’d made once I got home.” Jill Meyers’s honesty is moving, and I’m sure she wasn’t the only person who felt that way during the creative expression activities at our recent Draw It Out training.[…read more…]

When Kristen Beaury, Child Life Specialist at Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital, gave Oodles of Doodles to “Leah,” a patient recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she didn’t know what kind of impact it would have. In general, she says, “Art with Heart books are one of my go-tos: I know that the quality is[…read more…]