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Art with Heart Program FAQs

February 6th, 2017.

Are you starting an Art with Heart program at your organization? Or running into some questions as you get your program going? We recommend that you purchase a Leader’s Companion if you don’t have one already, but we also hope that this FAQ can help you move things along. Have a question we haven’t addressed[…read more…]

Stones for Peace at Navos

December 12th, 2016.

When Sally, one of Art with Heart’s program coordinators, tells people she’s running a program at Navos Behavioral Health, she says that she watches their eyes go big, or their eyebrows fly up in surprise. She says that they comment about how difficult that must be. It’s easy to understand why people might respond this[…read more…]

There are so many different ways creativity can be expressed. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen how our programs can cultivate children’s imaginations and allow them to create work to help them through hardship. Seeing what these young artists created at Roxhill Elementary School and Ryther Child Center art showcases was a wonderful experience. At[…read more…]

At the beginning of Draw It Out club at Van Asselt Elementary, many kids wanted out. They were hesitant to share their thoughts after completing pages from the book or creative expression activities, and they had trouble building trust. These students have difficulties in social situations or with emotional regulation, and they showed their reluctance[…read more…]

Hello blogosphere! I’m Erica, Art with Heart’s new communications specialist. I spend most days writing blogs, interviewing people who use our therapeutic tools, and posting on social media. I love grammar and I love words, but more than both of these, I love knowing that the work that I do benefits kids. As a newcomer[…read more…]

Sparkles & Smiles

July 7th, 2014.

Art with Heart led a creative expression workshop using Draw It Out with the kiddos of Camp Sparkle at Gilda’s Club Seattle. Each child attending Camp Sparkle’s important grief camp has been impacted by cancer. Art with Heart was honored to volunteer their time to such a fun group of kids! Here are some highlights from the week…

Art with Heart Program Manager Nancy Stillger presented at the Community Round Table for Washington state cities of Chelan and Manson this month. The cities are dealing with several issues including socioeconomic divides, teen pregnancies, a transitory migrant population, and loss. In facing these challenges, Art with Heart was invited to share more about using[…read more…]

Program Update Winter 2014

January 16th, 2014.

Draw It Out Program Update The program team is in the midst of Draw It Out program testing in anticipation of completing the Leader’s Companion by early spring of 2014. Seven pilot programs are underway at sites such as Inspire Youth Project, Hutch School, Gilda’s Club, Survivor’s of Suicide support group, private practices, and local elementary[…read more…]