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We know that evolution and self-expression go hand in hand. As we enter our third decade, we are evolving our brand expression to represent the greater possibility and momentum experienced through partnership. It will be a place where you can read stories of incredible personal growth, experience the impact that your engagement and support have on kids around the world, and connect with others.

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Hello blogosphere! I’m Erica, Art with Heart’s new communications specialist. I spend most days writing blogs, interviewing people who use our therapeutic tools, and posting on social media. I love grammar and I love words, but more than both of these, I love knowing that the work that I do benefits kids. As a newcomer[…read more…]

Every month in the MMMe Preschool Club, Art with Heart program staff conduct an activity with children from Magnificent Marvelous Me! This month we explored a tough subject: substance abuse. The children, who range from age three to four, have all faced abuse or neglect and have been referred to this therapeutic preschool by Child[…read more…]

Another year with the little ones! January marked the start of the second year of curriculum with Childhaven’s three to five year olds in the Magnificent Marvelous Me Pre-K Club. Now that a year of curriculum has been tested, we are in the process of fine-tuning and completing the curriculum. After the first workshop of[…read more…]

Build Me Up

November 14th, 2013.

November’s Magnificent Marvelous Me! Preschool Club workshop was focused helping the kids build self-esteem. During class, we taught students the importance of “building each other up,” and what it means to give a compliment. Children took turns going around the circle, saying nice things to each other that made them feel happy about themselves. Some of[…read more…]

Childhaven All Staff Training

November 7th, 2013.

Art with Heart was invited to train the staff at Childhaven’s headquarters, a building we share with them. They were interested in having their staff learn about how to use art with children facing crisis. Childhaven serves children birth through age 5 who have been victims of abuse. Art with Heart’s Board Member, art therapist[…read more…]

While students and teachers spend the summer months relaxing and enjoying their free time, the program staff at Art with Heart couldn’t be busier! In July alone, we ran 5 pilot programs which helped close to 100 students ages 5-17 use creative expression to develop their sense of self-identity and self-respect. Locations ranged from Renton[…read more…]

Last week at Art with Heart’s Magnificent Marvelous Me! Preschool Club, our wonderful team of volunteer Teaching Artists used art to tackle a difficult subject. This month’s curriculum focused on teaching children about drug and alcohol abuse prevention and taking care of their bodies through the choices they make. All of the children have faced[…read more…]

Last Thursday Art with Heart was at the Magnificent Marvelous Me! Club at our pilot partner school site, Highland Park Elementary in West Seattle. Intern Logan, and Program Coordinator Katie, who was joyously greeted by the crowd of students, led a group of young students using MMMe’s “Emotion Ocean” activity. To help the kids understand[…read more…]

Last week at Art with Heart’s Magnificent Marvelous Me! Preschool Club at Childhaven, a team of volunteers helped kids learn about sexual abuse prevention through art. Working with the same two groups of three to five year olds every month, the volunteers use a curriculum that continually builds on itself with each session, last month[…read more…]

The First MMMe Preschool Club

January 31st, 2013.

They had been preparing for weeks for a workshop that seemed to go by in a blink. Volunteer Michelle Miller and Program Coordinator Katie Choate led a group of four and five year olds at Childhaven’s therapeutic daycare, using the Magnificent Marvelous Me “Emotion Ocean” activity. To help the kids understand the concepts behind the[…read more…]