Art with Heart’s purpose is to spread the healing power of creative expression to kids facing trauma or adversity. Coming soon, we will be relaunching our website which will serve as a forum for greater connection and inspiration.

We know that evolution and self-expression go hand in hand. As we enter our third decade, we are evolving our brand expression to represent the greater possibility and momentum experienced through partnership. It will be a place where you can read stories of incredible personal growth, experience the impact that your engagement and support have on kids around the world, and connect with others.

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Few of us have made it to adulthood without at least one visit to the emergency room. Maybe we suffered a broken bone or we needed stitches, or maybe it was shortness of breath or strep throat. Whatever the reason, the waiting, despair, and antiseptic smell are hard to forget. Evi Feltus is a child[…read more…]

Last week, Art with Heart founder Steffanie Lorig and development manager Jake Abbott traveled to Richmond, Virginia to present at Grief Summit RVA, an event whose theme of self-care was focused on bereavement professionals. In her breakout session, Steffanie discussed the value of using creativity to help children facing loss. Mounting evidence from associations such[…read more…]

  At the end of 2015, we shared a post about remembering a lost loved one, and so to start off 2016, we want to share some special art projects you can do to celebrate yourself! You are entirely unique. There’s no one like you. And taking care of yourself is the most important thing[…read more…]

Wildfires ravaged central Washington this summer, burning over 900,000 square miles of land and destroying 200 homes. While the entire community was reeling from the fallout, school counselors were working hard to support their students and help them heal. Kayla Helleson, Manson Elementary School counselor, who had attended a Chill & Spill training, knew about the power[…read more…]

On July 31, Art with Heart staff trained 25 therapists from four Sound Mental Health locations in King County in using the Draw It Out books and curriculum. They learned how to use the books, how to engage kids in a Draw It Out group, and received time to make some hands-on projects. The participants[…read more…]

Earlier this year a grant from the Loeb Family Charitable Foundation brought Art with Heart to the teen MAP program of Marysville, Washington’s YMCA. The Art with Heart group met weekly for 10 weeks with members who ranged from 15 to 18 years of age. The group faces a variety of emotional challenges, including some[…read more…]

Art with Heart’s Draw it Out was designed to help children facing grief and loss. For Emily, whose mom passed away, the therapeutic activities in Draw it Out allowed her to feel happy after tragedy. This tool helps therapists, school counselors, and parents alike address serious issues like childhood bereavement, loss of a pet or friend, a move[…read more…]

Twelve-year-old Isabella is dealing with parental substance abuse in her home. She was given a Draw it Out book in an Art with Heart program and found it to be the outlet she needed for emotional relief. Isabella wrote Art with Heart to say that before Draw it Out she felt “OK,” “Worried,” and “Sad.” But using the therapeutic[…read more…]

Letters like this always brighten our day! A 10-year-old wrote us to say that Magnificent Marvelous Me! made him feel “fantastic” and allowed him to find the creativity within himself. Further expressing his positive experience he also wrote, “I love this book. It’s awesome. Can you please make more and send it to me first,[…read more…]

Imagine being eight years old and losing the person you’re closest to. Your life, as you know it, is ripped from your arms. Change is constant. You’re filled with so many emotions and your heart feels broken– until one day you finally find a healthy and positive way to express what you feel, and to[…read more…]