Art with Heart’s purpose is to spread the healing power of creative expression to kids facing trauma or adversity. Coming soon, we will be relaunching our website which will serve as a forum for greater connection and inspiration.

We know that evolution and self-expression go hand in hand. As we enter our third decade, we are evolving our brand expression to represent the greater possibility and momentum experienced through partnership. It will be a place where you can read stories of incredible personal growth, experience the impact that your engagement and support have on kids around the world, and connect with others.

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SVP Fast Pitch Final Showdown

October 24th, 2017.

Join us on Oct. 24 for an evening of incredible innovative ideas from change makers we admire at the SVP Fast Pitch Seattle Final Showdown. Art with Heart is one of three established non-profits who’s creative solutions to big social problems are inspiring change. Hear how we are going to spread the healing power of creative expression to 3.5[…read more…]

Big emotions come in small packages; anyone who knows a toddler can attest to that. This fall, when I brought my daughter Lucy to preschool, I noticed a chart posted just inside the door: four rectangles in basic colors were captioned with “How Am I Feeling?” What I didn’t realize was that this would become one[…read more…]

Expressive arts therapy is a relatively new concept in our modern health system. And though it is seeing growing popularity in hospitals and among mental health professionals, it still faces skepticism. We want you to know that art works. Here are just a few of the studies that have begun the work of measuring the benefits[…read more…]

“I looked at all the gorgeous creations people around me had made, and I was so embarrassed. I hid everything I’d made once I got home.” Jill Meyers’s honesty is moving, and I’m sure she wasn’t the only person who felt that way during the creative expression activities at our recent Draw It Out training.[…read more…]

Art with Heart is pleased to welcome Kathryn, our new office & projects coordinator! Here’s what she loves about working here: 1. Working with kids: Kathryn loves that the work we do has an impact on children’s lives. When we visited Darrington, Kathryn was quick to sit beside children and talk with them as they[…read more…]

Benefit Concert: By Kids, For Kids

February 16th, 2016.

Bollywood-style dance, an electric cello, and acoustic mash-ups were only a few of the surprises at the Overlake School Benefit Concert in January. Students at Overlake School showcased their special talents for their family, friends, and Art with Heart, having fun and raising proceeds in the process. This special event was actually put together by[…read more…]

Using Art to Find your Safe Place

February 2nd, 2016.

Most of the time, Dominic’s face appears angry, and he walks around with his jaw and fists clenched out of a seeming constant frustration with life. At just 16 years old, he has had a significantly traumatic life. At a very young age, he was required to work to help support his family, which severely limited his[…read more…]

It’s a natural instinct to protect your child. You want them to be as happy and healthy as possible, and you don’t want anything to threaten that. But things do happen. Little things, big things. And kids need to understand what happened before they can process what they are feeling and start to heal. Sarah,[…read more…]

While I was always well intentioned, my finished products during grade school art class never seemed to resemble what I had envisioned, and often even caused embarrassment in front of my more artistically inclined friends. Emerson said famously that “life is a journey, not a destination.” I think the same can be said for art,[…read more…]

  At the end of 2015, we shared a post about remembering a lost loved one, and so to start off 2016, we want to share some special art projects you can do to celebrate yourself! You are entirely unique. There’s no one like you. And taking care of yourself is the most important thing[…read more…]