Joey: Oodles of Doodles

“It made me know I could do it; that I’d be alright…”

Joey lost his right arm in a car accident in his home state of Idaho. Airlifted to Harborview Trauma Center here in Seattle, the 7-year-old nearly lost his life as well. The day after his surgery, one of our Art Buddy hospital volunteers, Kelly, gave him a copy of our Oodles of Doodles book to encourage him.

As Kelly showed Joey the different pages, he chose a page and, slowly, began to color. First, he used his mouth to open the pen cap… and then, using his left hand, he carefully began coloring.

He took his time filling in the pictures – being as precise as he was able. He didn’t want his mom’s help, so she watched quietly as Joey became fully engaged and excited – never realizing that he was beginning to learn new skills.

Very quickly, the Oodles book not only began to help him deal with the emotional loss of life as he knew it… but it also became a part of his physical therapy in learning to write and draw with his left hand.

“It made me know I could do it; that I’d be alright…”

Life was opening up to Joey again. Yes, it would be different and difficult with only one arm. But he began to see beyond his limits … to his possibilities.

NOTE: To protect the child’s identity\, the image does not necessarily match the story and names may or may not have been changed.