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Maddy: Magnificent Marvelous Me

When I asked her about herself and how that page made her feel, she yelled, “I am awesome!

Dear Art with Heart,

My name is Kelly, I have a 7 year old daughter. She is the most loving child, but struggles every day with crippling Perfectionism. She has social anxiety, she is self-defeating and feels she cannot and should not do much to avoid failure. Her biggest issue is feeling inadequate.

We have taken steps to help her change how she reacts to things and how she sees herself and the world around her. She is a very intelligent child and has fought us every step of the way. For Christmas I thought this book would be a fun way for her to open up about her feelings and express herself in a new medium. She did not touch it until today.

We worked together on a few pages in Magnificent Marvelous Me tonight. When I asked her about herself and how that page made her feel, she yelled, “I am awesome!

After she said it, she stopped and looked at me and we both smiled and cried. She said she did not mean to say that, but it felt great. I have NEVER heard her say that unless she is forced to.

I cannot tell you how great this was. It is a small thing, but a giant step for us.

Thank you so much. Art has always been very important to me and this is a great way for my child to open up to herself and express emotion in a new way. She is finding herself and I cannot say thanks enough!

~ Maddy’s Mom