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Jason: Ink About It

“It was so helpful to be able to write it all down in my book and not have to wait a week to talk to [my counselor] about it!”

Jason came from a home where domestic abuse was the norm. As a result, Jason struggled with rage and anger problems, as well as anxiety. And to further complicate things, at school he was an outcast. He dealt with it by causing trouble, even setting fire to one of the buildings on campus, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

“School stresses me out. I’d rather be sent home,” he admitted.

His therapist, Melissa, started using Ink About It once a week in the boy’s group that Jason was a part of.

“Art with Heart’s books give me something to do with them – something more than just asking them, ‘How was your week?‘” Melissa says. “There are a ton of worksheets available to therapists like me, but what makes this special is that the books are theirs…they get to keep it and look back at it.”

She continues, “Things we talk about during our sessions aren’t necessarily remembered, but once they write it down in their books, it becomes real….they can look at it and learn from it.”

After working through Art with Heart’s Ink About It book, he realized that his decisions weren’t actually helping him get what he wanted.

“Because the kids are asked these interesting questions in the book, they get to reflect on their answers and we can discuss them as a group – is this behavior working for you? What would you rather have happen? The questions helped him articulate what he needed.”

Jason's goals written in Ink About It

Jason’s goals written in Ink About It

Typically, when Melissa asks questions to her clients like What are your goals? she gets I don’t know. “But somehow because the book asks them, the kids find it easier to find the answers as they interact with the pages and write or draw.”

In between sessions, Jason had used the book to deal when difficult things happened. He told Melissa, “It was so helpful to be able to write it all down in my book and not have to wait a week to talk to you about it!”

NOTE: To protect the child’s identity\,the name has been changed.