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Jaime: Chill & Spill

Chill & Spill made it easier to share my thoughts with the others…”

Jaime was a 9th grader and was one of the “difficult” students who brought his anger and frustration with him to school every day. When upset, he would wander around the school grounds looking for things to destroy.

The school psychologist had been looking for age-appropriate ways to help change his behavior and began using Chill & Spill with Jaime and a small group of other boys who were constantly getting into trouble.

The counselor encouraged the boys to use their books – instead of their fists – when others made them angry. Soon after starting, the boys began to notice that when they brought their anger and frustration to the book, they didn’t get into as much trouble. Jaime’s teacher even commented that he was not disruptive in class anymore. This was huge for Jaime.

Before the Chill & Spill intervention, Jaime said that he didn‘t know that he could simply walk away from challenging situations that would normally end in a fist fight. He also had struggled to take a stand and make his own decisions.

“It’s better for me to write or draw what I’m feeling,” says Jaime, “Chill & Spill made it easier to share my thoughts with the others.”

All the boys in the group credited Chill & Spill with helping them see where their strengths lay and how they could use these strengths to fix the weaker areas in their lives.

Writes Jaime, “After I finished Chill & Spill, I felt happy. This book helped me walk away from my worries, and realize that I wasn’t on my own and had to hide my feelings from others.”

He added, “I’d also like to say that I love this book and it’s helped me heaps.”

NOTE: To protect the identity of the child, the image does not necessarily match the story.