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“Ink About It” helps LGBTQ Boys

February 13, 2013. By

During a recent visit to a group home, one of our supporters donated Art with Heart’s “Ink About It” therapeutic workbook to a group of young men at Mulligan’s Manor, an Arizona therapeutic group home for LGBTQ boys. 

Jenny Diaz and Chuck Hawkins, founders of Mulligan’s Manor told us “We have been using the books every Saturday morning to open up conversations. The boys share whatever they want about what they came up against during the week. These books are quite the therapeutic door opener! These boys have been through so much and I don’t know how (or if) they’ll ever really recover, but we will do our darndest to help them heal. Our boys are so angry when they come to us, but after a few months turn into loving and happier kids. These books really help.”

Judy Pigott of Personal Safety Nets, our supporter who brought the boys their books, told us, “Having been at dinner with the boys from Mulligan’s Manor, I had a sense that each had been through great tunnels of hurt. Through the Art with Heart’s books they’d have a chance to say what they could not say, feel what they could not feel, and move forward on the road to health. The books could become a portal to recognizing that their safety nets reach far and wide, around the world, to caring and competent people who would hold them safely.” She continued, “I met Jenny through a mutual friend, Ken. Personal Safety Nets came to Phoenix to do some personal work with the Maricopa County Department of Health, Family Services. What an incredible woman – to see the need and take the appropriate action.”

ATR wrote: “Ink About It is great because it lets you express who you are, write down your inner secrets that no one else will ever have to see. You can just be happy when you do it.  You don’t have to fake who you are. You get to write out new ideas and thoughts that you have. You don’t have to worry that someone is going to make fun of your ideas and your thought’s. That is why I think the ink book is a great tool to use when needed. Thank you for the Ink books that you have sent us – they help me so much!”

AH wrote: “What I like about [the book] is that it takes me to another mindset in the past, and helps me understand what I could have done better. I think that I can use the tools to gain more self-confidence. The self-talk part describes my emotions and my feelings and what is going on inside my head. It helps me understand how positive and negative thoughts collide. I used this book a lot because of the affirmations to notice and change my actions and my behaviors.

For example, the “Implode or Explode” page –  how to create emotions and reactions without using violence. When I was upset, I decided to look back into the book and understand what I could do instead of blowing up when I failed my final exam.

JR wrote: “I think about [Ink About It] as a good way to get my anger out. I think it was good to think about this stuff because I think my life might be different if I didn’t have a way to say what I think. Thank you for the book.”

GT wrote: “I think that the book Ink About It is the best book ever, especially when I have stress. I’m halfway through the book right now. I like the page with goals on it because it easier for me to draw pictures than to write, and it makes it fun. I was learning about Indians in school and that’s how they use to write, and that was with pictures. There are also things called hieroglyphics that are more like pictures of prophesies. It’s the same with the Mayan calendar. I think we should get more books in case we have other kids come here.”