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MMMe Club: “Somebody Everybody”

May 7, 2013. By

Last week at Art with Heart’s Magnificent Marvelous Me! Preschool Club at Childhaven, a team of volunteers helped kids learn about sexual abuse prevention through art. Working with the same two groups of three to five year olds every month, the volunteers use a curriculum that continually builds on itself with each session, last month focusing on sexual abuse prevention and next month on drug and alcohol education.

After starting with reading a book about personal space and boundaries, the kids made their very own “mini-me” doll on which they could draw themselves with markers. The activity was used to help students learn important body concepts and understand their right to their own space and bodies. Using the white muslin stuffed doll, each student drew a swimsuit on their “mini-me” and what their facial expression looks like when they’ve felt a happy touch. A memorable moment from the workshop was when a teacher asked the kids to define a “happy touch”, to which the children responded by spontaneously wrapping their teacher in a big group hug.

The kids also talked about secrets, safety, and what to do if asked to keep a hurtful secret. On the backside of the doll each student drew a safe adult who they can trust with secrets. The kids were also allowed time for discussion questions about safety and personal space.

This workshop also marks the first time volunteers have led a workshop with children at Childhaven without programming staff. Art with Heart is looking forward to engaging volunteers as leaders in working with kids more frequently in the future.