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Turning Grief into Hope: Art with Heart Celebrates Megan Pizzitola

March 13, 2017. By
Megan Pizzitola

“Megan lit up every room,” Maddie said, but expressing her creativity was when she truly shone.

All of Megan Pizzitola’s girlfriends wore hot pink to her funeral. “She would have hated black,” one of her best friends, Maddie Freiberg said. And Maddie would know—they’d been friends since their freshman year of high school. Over the years, they spent tons of time together—from giggly high schoolers in class to most recently as roommates hosting girls’ nights with their playful dogs. Growing all the time, but never apart.

“Megan lit up every room,” Maddie said, but expressing her creativity was when she truly shone. From the first time she picked up crayons, she was constantly creating. As a teenager, she had doodles all over her classwork, and over time, she honed that artistry into her illustrations and paintings. Maddie even convinced her parents to let Megan paint a mural on a wall in her childhood bedroom. It made her bedroom bright and bold and was one of Megan’s first large-scale installations. Megan continued to hone that artistry into her truly exceptional art. “Everything she touched was pretty, and that was her calling—to make the world around her beautiful,” recalled Maddie.

Megan Pizzitola IllustrationWhen Megan passed away suddenly in the fall of 2016, her generous family and friends created the Megan Pizzitola Memorial Fund to provide art exposure and materials to children. Art with Heart is honored to be among the recipients of this memorial fund. As we mourn the loss of a creative and special spirit along with her loved ones, we hope that many children will be able to find the words for their pain as a result of the remarkable gift her life and memory has bestowed on us.

Maddie said Megan used art to stay grounded—it was one aspect of her life where she always felt at home, one thing she felt totally free doing. Maddie said about Art with Heart, “I know Megan would have loved it.” We’re so grateful to know Maddie and the Pizzitola family, and we’re thinking of creative, heart-forward souls like Megan every day, so that more children can find the activity that makes them feel free.

Read more about Megan, donate to her memorial fund, and view her beautiful art.