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We know that evolution and self-expression go hand in hand. As we enter our third decade, we are evolving our brand expression to represent the greater possibility and momentum experienced through partnership. It will be a place where you can read stories of incredible personal growth, experience the impact that your engagement and support have on kids around the world, and connect with others.

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Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companion

June 5, 2017. By
Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader's Companion

It’s here! The ink is fresh and the pages are still warm from the printer.

The Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companion provides a framework to help facilitators create engaged and meaningful moments for kids when using our books in group settings. Our companion and books blend therapeutic principles to promote social and emotional learning skills. Stunning illustrations create unique experiences for both facilitator and user.

When you open the Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companionfive tabs will greet you:

  • Tab One is an overview of the Magnificent Marvelous Me! program that describes overarching concepts and theories behind the pages of the book and Leader’s Companion. This overview will help you get to know Art with Heart a little better and understand the research behind the use of creative expression as a healing modality.
  • Tab Two provides best practices on how to be a exceptional Magnificent Marvelous Me! leader. We offer all the ins and outs you’ll need to prepare lessons, manage groups, and support children as they gain social and emotional learning skills.  
  • Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader's CompanionTab Three is where the magic of creativity happens. Peruse the experiential learning activities and choose which ones you’ll use in partnership with Magnificent Marvelous Me! Each activity is designed to enrich children’s understanding of the concepts in their books and engage them in thoughtful art making and meaningful discussion.
  • Tab Four answers any questions you might have about art! You do not need to be an artist use our materials, but this tab covers a variety of techniques and materials referenced in our activities, which items we recommend using or avoiding, and even offers a ready-made shopping list! It’s your go-to tab for learning tips and tricks that deepen your group’s experience.
  • Finally, Tab Five is a rich resource that includes everything from printable worksheets and handouts for parents to alignment charts for the Common Core and nationally recognized social and emotional learning programs.

While this Leader’s Companion and the powerful work you will be accomplishing focuses on putting kids first, it also considers you and your journey through our program. Art with Heart has put creative expression activities throughout the companion that allow time for you, the leader, to pause and reflect. The Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companion will help you deeply consider your role as a program facilitator and youth advocate and help you practice self-care during emotionally charged times.

Art with Heart is excited and proud to see the hard work, passion, and talent of our brilliant team of educators, mentors, therapists, and artists burst out of the pages of our new Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companion!