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Building Books: How Our Leader’s Companions Come Together

April 10, 2017. By
Magnificent Marvelous Me Leader's Companion

We are thrilled to be sending the Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companion to press!

We’ve demystified the process of putting our curriculum together and we’re giving you a sneak peek of the design, too. Look for this Leader’s Companion on our online store this summer, where you can purchase it in a bundle with ten copies of Magnificent Marvelous Me! at a special rate. Here’s how our Leader’s Companion was made:

  1. Lots of meetings! We meet with brilliant advisors who help us understand best practices in the fields of social and emotional learning, education, and mental and physical health. They help us develop language around social justice, meditation activities, and moving our bodies through space. All of these meetings get synthesized into every area of the Leader’s Companion, but especially in our alignment charts and Tab 2: Best Practices.
  2. Activity Brainstorming. Have you ever wanted to work at a think tank? Our program coordinators and book developers spend a lot of time thinking about how to pair our pages with a variety of body movement, meditation, and visual arts projects using unique, high-quality mediums that will be engaging for kids while maintaining therapeutic value.
  3. Making Art! We pilot our new Leader’s Companions with schools and organizations around the Puget Sound Region and also invite interns and volunteers to make sample pieces. All of these get photographed and many end up in the pages of the Leader’s Companion.

4. Rewriting, revising, refining. Every Leader’s Companion is built in many stages, with our volunteer advisory team looking over our work to ensure efficacy at every state. At the final stages, we get everything beautifully designed with help from some brilliant graphic artists, copyedit with some help from our friends at Girl Friday Productions, and send the whole shebang to the printer!