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Therapist Uses Multiple Ways to Help Kids

March 21, 2013. By

We always love to hear from therapists and kids using our resources.  Program Manager Nancy just received a note from local Seattle therapist Jennifer.

I’ve been using a lot of Chill & Spill with my pre-teen/teen clients, and it has really sparked some cool conversations. I’ve also been using the Magnificent Marvelous Me book with elementary aged children. It is wonderful to see how taking some moments to draw or write creates enough space to explore some of their deeper thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams. I have really appreciated these books. It has been especially helpful for my clients to process traumatic events that have happened in their lives – often the pages and exercises bring forth a richer story that I would have missed if we did not do some of the activities on the page.

Send us your stories of using our books with youth.  Or have your kids write-in.  We always write back and send a little something to any kids that write, send us a picture, or return a survey from one of our books.  We love to hear from you!