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Letter from a Teen

February 4, 2013. By

During a recent visit to a group home, one of our supporters got to meet a young man who she supplied with Art with Heart’s Chill & Spill therapeutic book. He wrote to us today to let us know his thoughts…

Chill & Spill helped me realized that there is a place that you can spill your guts out and it’s still confidential. Somewhere safe. It was good that it was an object and not a person who could spill your secrets.

I really adore the subject “Fly Away” it was like you could plant your own seed and whatever you want that seed to grow into it will grow.  And as I wrote my seed down, I realized that my seed was realistic.

The majority of the titles are a way that you can realize real life situations. I [wrote] about a lot of things and a lot of people. Some of the people and things were not beneficial for me. A lot of things I thought [were] detrimental for me [were] actually beneficial for me. Like for instance, going to school for the full day will actually help me catch up.

At first I didn’t have anyone to talk to about losing my mom because my siblings were as over-emotional as I was. In reading over all of the outcomes of losing my mom, I realize I can make the outcome either better or worse. And I realize the best thing is to make them better.

Yes, I lost my mom, but I gained reality.  With that reality I learned that your time on earth may not be long, so you should make your time better than the first generation.

Some of my friends are ignorant and told me that having a diary is for little kids. I replied that this is not a diary, this is Chill & Spill dude! I showed it to my friend and she asked me for one. I didn’t show her what I was writing about but just the titles. I can tell she is having some issues. Can you please tell me where to get more of these from?

Overall, I really adore this journal book.  I love the encouraging quotes in the front of the book.  The one that stood out to me the most was “You’re braver than you believe, you’re stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.  I really look forward to getting another one of these.



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