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New Headquarters is a Dynamik Space!

December 2, 2012. By

Melanie Corey-Ferrini recently joined Art with Heart’s Board of Directors without a clear vision of what she wanted to do. She had a general sense, of course, but it wasn’t until her first official meeting that she found out why she was there. In her Executive Director’s report, Steffanie Lorig shared that Childhaven had accepted them as tenants, but that the space was two separate offices. Steffanie stated that wasn’t sure what to do to join them, and that’s when Melanie jumped in with both feet.

Melanie is the founder and principal of Dynamik Space (DYNAMIK), a full service architectural planning, design, and build company. She got her team excited and they all dove right in. They partnered up with a slew of sponsors and received an enormous outpouring of donated materials, labor, and services to make the new Art with Heart space into a workable and joyful space.

“As an artist and designer, this cause is even more personal. My team and I all know the value of flexing our creative muscles and the positive influence this has both mentally and physically,” Melanie explained.

A sneak peek at our new home…

Melanie engaged Jeff Ristoff of Blue Dot Project Planning to manage the day to day construction, while Melanie managed the design and architectural drawings with her team.

Together, they were able to get over $45,000 in goods and services donated!

Even so, there were expenses that were graciously covered by both John McKinnon’s Aerobathon held at the Sammamish Club as well as a donation from the lovely Judy Pigott. From top to bottom, blessings fell from the sky.

All the furniture for the entire office was donated from Forterra – they were changing locations and didn’t have need for it anymore. The metal shelving units in the closet all were recycled from a radiologist’s office.

Other incredible donations came from companies such as Cochran Electric, Designer Painting, JTEC Drywall & Framing, Sherwin-Williams, Emerald City Moving, Milliken Carpet, TCL Partners, Enviromech, and Reliance Fire Protection. Then, when it came time for moving day, many hands came to help us make record time. A special thanks to Linda Baker and her handyman Corey for giving up several hours to do the heavy lifting. And Gary Helling’s nephew and three other college kids showed up to load and unload the truck.

This move could have been very difficult, but because of the incredibly generous hearts of everyone involved, it was easy and amazing. Thank you so much for making this dream into a reality!

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