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From all of us at Art with Heart to all of our fans: thank you. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity, and your warm hearts. Five weeks into my new role as CEO, it was an incredible experience to share a room with so many inspiring people at the Color of Hope Benefit Luncheon.[…read more…]

There are so many different ways creativity can be expressed. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen how our programs can cultivate children’s imaginations and allow them to create work to help them through hardship. Seeing what these young artists created at Roxhill Elementary School and Ryther Child Center art showcases was a wonderful experience. At[…read more…]

It can be difficult to run your first youth program. You will face challenges, and often you’ll face them alone. These five tips will help keep things smooth and make your program a success!     1. Understand what you don’t understand. Kids come from all different backgrounds, and you might not know just what’s[…read more…]

Hello blogosphere! I’m Erica, Art with Heart’s new communications specialist. I spend most days writing blogs, interviewing people who use our therapeutic tools, and posting on social media. I love grammar and I love words, but more than both of these, I love knowing that the work that I do benefits kids. As a newcomer[…read more…]

Wildfires ravaged central Washington this summer, burning over 900,000 square miles of land and destroying 200 homes. While the entire community was reeling from the fallout, school counselors were working hard to support their students and help them heal. Kayla Helleson, Manson Elementary School counselor, who had attended a Chill & Spill training, knew about the power[…read more…]

Please give a warm welcome to Lisa Caldwell, Art with Heart’s newest intern. Lisa will take on the role of the fundraising and publishing intern where she will work closely with the development manager and brand and publishing director in their respective departments. Over the course of the next three months, Lisa will gain professional[…read more…]

Youth input is very important to us at Art with Heart. Though our tools may be delivered through counselors, teachers, or therapists, ultimately it’s children that we serve– so youth perception is crucial to the effectiveness of our work. Accordingly, we incorporate youth feedback in all of our books and curricula. We recently created an[…read more…]

Ta-von is eight years old. Recently, he lost his dad. After this loss, Ta-von’s counselor gave him Draw it Out, a therapeutic activity book created by Art with Heart for children dealing with complex emotions due to grief and loss. Using this book, Tav-on was able to to begin healing emotionally. He told us that before the book[…read more…]

The Safe Crossings Foundation gathered professionals from around the region for the first Northwest Conference on Childhood Grief in Seattle. Art with Heart was honored to be asked to lead two of the workshops for grief professionals around supporting resiliency strategies for children facing traumatic death. Nancy Stillger of Art with Heart and trainer Lulu[…read more…]

Last March a mudslide occurred in the town of Oso, Wash. A massive amount of mud and debris engulfed a rural neighborhood of 49 homes. 43 people were killed. A community was broken. Megan Lucas is a counselor at Darrington Elementary, a K-8 school located in Darrington, Wash. –just 15 miles from Oso. The school[…read more…]