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This month we had some great sessions with our Childhaven preschoolers. With a focus on emotional intelligence and kindergarten readiness, we did activities that used creativity to help the kids learn skills crucial to their development. Feelings Mask The Feelings Mask activity focuses on identification of feelings. In this activity we defined emotional descriptors to[…read more…]

Art with Heart recently received some feedback from an incredible program in Hawaii using our tools. Second Step Hawaii is an after-school program hosted by Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii that exists to reduce and prevent violence, bullying, substance abuse and associated risk factors impacting youth in Hawaii. The Second Step Hawaii program incorporates stories[…read more…]

“When I look at my art, I feel really proud of myself because I learned to take risks and I made things from my heart,” reads a quote on the Draw it Out survey submitted by Washington-state school counselor Alyssa Daniels.* The quote comes from a child in one of the several successful Art with[…read more…]

“Josh” was a curious kid who was interested in bugs and creatures that seem scary to many other kids. He liked to make jokes and draw attention to himself, but sometimes he went too far and acted out. Art with Heart facilitators Lacie Morrison and Danielle Robbins reported that Josh, whose parents are divorced, struggles[…read more…]

Letters like this always brighten our day! A 10-year-old wrote us to say that Magnificent Marvelous Me! made him feel “fantastic” and allowed him to find the creativity within himself. Further expressing his positive experience he also wrote, “I love this book. It’s awesome. Can you please make more and send it to me first,[…read more…]

Imagine being eight years old and losing the person you’re closest to. Your life, as you know it, is ripped from your arms. Change is constant. You’re filled with so many emotions and your heart feels broken– until one day you finally find a healthy and positive way to express what you feel, and to[…read more…]

Inspire Youth Project is on a mission to assist children in healthy emotional and social development. A Seattle-based organization, they work with at-risk youth affected by HIV/AIDS, and those who have suffered abuse, neglect, and homelessness. With our missions aligned so closely, Art with Heart has partnered with Inspire Youth Project to provide expressive arts[…read more…]

Notes of Hope: Natalie

January 20th, 2015.

Last week we heard from Natalie, a 10-year-old who is dealing with moving away from her family and the loss of her dog. Natalie completed activities in Magnificent Marvelous Me! Before doing the book she was stressed but after, she felt wonderful. Through the book’s activities she was reminded of the comfort and trust she[…read more…]

Every month in the MMMe Preschool Club, Art with Heart program staff conduct an activity with children from Magnificent Marvelous Me! This month we explored a tough subject: substance abuse. The children, who range from age three to four, have all faced abuse or neglect and have been referred to this therapeutic preschool by Child[…read more…]

Looking for a way to participate in Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day? In honor of the nationally-recognized event, we’re sharing “Hand in Hand,” an activity designed by Art with Heart that parents, teachers, and mental health professionals can use to help kids deal with their feelings in a healthy way. To begin, have the child outline two[…read more…]