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The holidays can be a time for celebration and laughter, full of family and friends and good food. But for many kids, it may be the first time they are decorating or opening presents without their loved one. Last week, Huffington Post published an article about the difficulties people can experience during the holidays. One man mentioned[…read more…]

On July 31, Art with Heart staff trained 25 therapists from four Sound Mental Health locations in King County in using the Draw It Out books and curriculum. They learned how to use the books, how to engage kids in a Draw It Out group, and received time to make some hands-on projects. The participants[…read more…]

“When I look at my art, I feel really proud of myself because I learned to take risks and I made things from my heart,” reads a quote on the Draw it Out survey submitted by Washington-state school counselor Alyssa Daniels.* The quote comes from a child in one of the several successful Art with[…read more…]

The 19th annual National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) Symposium hosted last weekend in Portland gave Art with Heart an intimate look at the far-reaching effects of our community of healing. Art with Heart staff learned the amazing stories from all of you who visited our booth. Thank you to ALL our dedicated partners who[…read more…]

Art with Heart’s Draw it Out was designed to help children facing grief and loss. For Emily, whose mom passed away, the therapeutic activities in Draw it Out allowed her to feel happy after tragedy. This tool helps therapists, school counselors, and parents alike address serious issues like childhood bereavement, loss of a pet or friend, a move[…read more…]

Twelve-year-old Isabella is dealing with parental substance abuse in her home. She was given a Draw it Out book in an Art with Heart program and found it to be the outlet she needed for emotional relief. Isabella wrote Art with Heart to say that before Draw it Out she felt “OK,” “Worried,” and “Sad.” But using the therapeutic[…read more…]

Draw it Out training is complete and ready to take to communities working with kids in the midst of grief and loss! Art with Heart staff have been working for months to complete a training for youth-serving professionals to more effectively use our therapeutic activity book Draw it Out. Created to help children facing grief[…read more…]

Ta-von is eight years old. Recently, he lost his dad. After this loss, Ta-von’s counselor gave him Draw it Out, a therapeutic activity book created by Art with Heart for children dealing with complex emotions due to grief and loss. Using this book, Tav-on was able to to begin healing emotionally. He told us that before the book[…read more…]

Notes of Hope: Quadir

February 7th, 2015.

Art with Heart received a note this week from 8-year-old Quadir that warmed our hearts. Quadir, whose father passed away, felt calmed by Draw it Out, Art with Heart’s book designed to help kids dealing with loss and grief. Before his Draw it Out activities he felt “sad,” but after, he felt “OK.” He also[…read more…]

This week we received some inspiring words in the mail from 7-year-old Janayah and her grief counselor, Lauren, Director of Community-Based Programming at a children’s grief center. Janayah, who is dealing with the death of her father, told us that Draw it Out helped her “stay next to him” and that before doing activities from[…read more…]