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Youth input is very important to us at Art with Heart. Though our tools may be delivered through counselors, teachers, or therapists, ultimately it’s children that we serve– so youth perception is crucial to the effectiveness of our work. Accordingly, we incorporate youth feedback in all of our books and curricula. We recently created an[…read more…]

This month Art with Heart visited Grief Place in Wenatchee, where our staff trained 28 school counselors and other youth-serving workers in bringing Chill & Spill to their community, which is traditionally underserved. The training was led by therapist Annie McCall, MA, LMHC, and Nancy Stillger, Art with Heart Programs Director. The attendees of the[…read more…]

Jessie is a bright tenth grade student who recently lost one of her best friends to an illness. Last year, Jessie was placed in her school’s Chill & Spill program because she was grieving as well as dealing with issues of low self-esteem and bullying. The weekly program consisted of just six other kids, but[…read more…]

On October 20 and 21, over 20 mental health professionals participated in Art with Heart’s Chill & Spill training. The 1.5 day training consisted of helpful activity walk-throughs, tips on best practices in engaging children, and lots of art! Trainees received hands-on experience in Chill & Spill activities and were given the opportunity to practice[…read more…]

For the 3rd summer, Art with Heart facilitated workshops at Neighborhood House Community Center. This time we focused on the therapeutic activity book Chill & Spill with an added graffiti twist! The group made several individual pieces inspired by Chill & Spill activities and also collaborated as a team to create a large group mandala.[…read more…]

Fifteen-year-old Alicia Day dreams of a house on the waterfront and a successful career as a veterinarian. With a family struggling to make ends meet, sometimes those dreams feel out of reach. As part of the Art with Heart program at a local community center, Alicia has been exploring Chill & Spill. She was touched most[…read more…]

Ninth and tenth graders of Hazen High School spent six months working through stress and trauma in an Art with Heart Chill & Spill counseling group. Led by Art with Heart Program Facilitator Katrina Sather and Lindsay Hoffe, a therapist from Renton Area Youth and Family Services (RAYS), the group held a showcase last month[…read more…]

The girls of Honey Dew Elementary School’s Art with Heart program were once just eight classmates. Now, they are eight friends. A group of fifth graders from various backgrounds and circumstances came together last January as a pilot testing group for Art with Heart’s Draw it Out curriculum. Led by Program Facilitator Katrina Sather, for[…read more…]

Program Update Winter 2014

January 16th, 2014.

Draw It Out Program Update The program team is in the midst of Draw It Out program testing in anticipation of completing the Leader’s Companion by early spring of 2014. Seven pilot programs are underway at sites such as Inspire Youth Project, Hutch School, Gilda’s Club, Survivor’s of Suicide support group, private practices, and local elementary[…read more…]

Jack’s Story: After Sandy Hook

December 13th, 2013.

My name is Jack, and I’m 13 years old. Whenever I tell anyone that I’m from Newtown, I get a lot of gasps – people seem surprised and then they ask if I went to Sandy Hook Elementary or if I knew anyone who was killed. I don’t go there, but I knew people who died. I think everyone knows someone who died. When it happened, my[…read more…]