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Draw it Out training is complete and ready to take to communities working with kids in the midst of grief and loss! Art with Heart staff have been working for months to complete a training for youth-serving professionals to more effectively use our therapeutic activity book Draw it Out. Created to help children facing grief[…read more…]

“I am a fighter and will help others get through this disease.” – Makala, 14 Crohn’s disease is a serious, chronic disease affecting the digestive system. There is no cure for Crohn’s disease. For children, the disease can be especially difficult, requiring frequent trips to the bathroom and preventing normal participation in activities with friends and classmates. The[…read more…]

Youth input is very important to us at Art with Heart. Though our tools may be delivered through counselors, teachers, or therapists, ultimately it’s children that we serve– so youth perception is crucial to the effectiveness of our work. Accordingly, we incorporate youth feedback in all of our books and curricula. We recently created an[…read more…]

Ta-von is eight years old. Recently, he lost his dad. After this loss, Ta-von’s counselor gave him Draw it Out, a therapeutic activity book created by Art with Heart for children dealing with complex emotions due to grief and loss. Using this book, Tav-on was able to to begin healing emotionally. He told us that before the book[…read more…]

Imagine being eight years old and losing the person you’re closest to. Your life, as you know it, is ripped from your arms. Change is constant. You’re filled with so many emotions and your heart feels broken– until one day you finally find a healthy and positive way to express what you feel, and to[…read more…]

Last March a mudslide occurred in the town of Oso, Wash. A massive amount of mud and debris engulfed a rural neighborhood of 49 homes. 43 people were killed. A community was broken. Megan Lucas is a counselor at Darrington Elementary, a K-8 school located in Darrington, Wash. –just 15 miles from Oso. The school[…read more…]

Inspire Youth Project is on a mission to assist children in healthy emotional and social development. A Seattle-based organization, they work with at-risk youth affected by HIV/AIDS, and those who have suffered abuse, neglect, and homelessness. With our missions aligned so closely, Art with Heart has partnered with Inspire Youth Project to provide expressive arts[…read more…]

Notes of Hope: Quadir

February 7th, 2015.

Art with Heart received a note this week from 8-year-old Quadir that warmed our hearts. Quadir, whose father passed away, felt calmed by Draw it Out, Art with Heart’s book designed to help kids dealing with loss and grief. Before his Draw it Out activities he felt “sad,” but after, he felt “OK.” He also[…read more…]

Today is World Cancer Day, a day to proactively approach to the fight against cancer. This day highlights the fact that solutions are within reach for families facing cancer. In honor of this day, we wanted to share with you our program at Hutch School, a fully accredited K-12 school program sponsored by Fred Hutchinson[…read more…]

This week we received some inspiring words in the mail from 7-year-old Janayah and her grief counselor, Lauren, Director of Community-Based Programming at a children’s grief center. Janayah, who is dealing with the death of her father, told us that Draw it Out helped her “stay next to him” and that before doing activities from[…read more…]