Magnificent Marvelous Me

“It was great to just have something that was meant for ME – like it says, Magnificent Marvelous Me…”

Magnificent Marvelous Me helps meet the emotional needs of elementary aged children who are facing family challenges – ranging from divorce to a serious illness or disability, or other familial challenges. It was designed to:

  • Decrease the sense of isolation
  • Increase self-esteem and communication
  • Give them a safe place to explore and work through their complex feelings
  • Help build resiliency and coping skills

Read more stories from children who have used our books here. Or follow this link for more information about the book’s Social & Emotional Connections, History, Advisory Board, and Illustrators.


“My brother has cancer. I wanted to let you know that this is the best book ever! This book helped me feel very, very happy.” ~ London, 7 years old, Grain Valley, MO

“I wanted to let you know that this book is amazing. I am amazed by it. After I did some of the book, I felt better about my feelings. I had been very scared to talk to my parents about my feelings and I can now talk about my feelings.” ~ 10 year old, Lynnwood, WA

“My mother passed away. Before I did this book, I felt sad. After I did this book, I felt happier. It helped me with my problems.” ~ Dulce, 8 years old

“This book is marvelous. After I did this book, I felt marvelous. This book helped calm me down.” ~ Meghan, 7 years old, Henniker, NH

“Our youth are dealing with being in the foster care system, trauma, bullying and life, and are in need of additional ways to express the pain and hurt that they face. The youth are given ownership with the use of these books and are able to express themselves freely in a way other than just talking about it, which can be hard enough to do. The kids begin seeing strengths and capabilities through this new and open form of expression.” ~ Lynsey Parrish, MSW, Youth & Family Therapist, Cowlitz Indian Tribe                                            MORE TESTIMONIALS >>

Book Highlights

The therapies behind each activity are not readily apparent to the children. We did this by hand-picking illustrators who have worked for children’s television, games, music, magazines, and books. The art invites them to enter with their full heart – knowing this was created especially for them. It helps inspire creative thought and lets the children know that whatever they write down or draw – it’s all good – because it comes from them. Below are just a few of the highlights from the book…