Draw It Out

“Draw It Out helps you understand how to calm down your anger and sadness. You can write all about you and your loved one so you don’t forget.”

Art with Heart’s newest interactive, therapeutic activity book supports children who are affected by overwhelming feelings of grief or loss due to the death of a loved one or of a classmate, broken family situations, or serious illness. Draw It Out (ages 6+) was developed under the guidance of 27 experts in the fields of bereavement counseling, social work, grief camps, Child Life, and art therapy. It is filled with age-appropriate, research-based prompts that serve as an outlet for inner pain and a springboard to healing conversations. It helps children:

  • articulate and navigate complex emotions and ask questions they may be afraid to ask
  • reveal perceptions or misconceptions about their situation
  • identify their support systems
  • process loss and increase coping skills

This book has just been released, and we are currently testing it in hospices, hospitals, schools and grieving centers. As feedback is received, we will share the stories with you!

A Leader’s Companion is available and provides Experiential Learning Activities, Art Tips & Tricks, Best Practices, Closing Questions, and reproducible handouts to deepen children’s learning. Click here for the TABLE OF CONTENTS and Advisor listing. To order your copy, visit our ONLINE SHOP.

Or click here for more information about the book’s History, Advisory Board and Illustrators.

Endorsements & Testimonials

Draw It Out is one of few books available that provides truly creative and inspiring prompts and activities for young people who are challenged by grief, loss and trauma. The content is empowering and engaging, with an emphasis on resilience and personal strengths. It not only is a welcome resource for children and adolescents who have lost family members or friends or are confronted by serious illness, but also is a great tool for therapists to use with young clients.” ~ Cathy Malchiodi, art therapist, research psychologist, and author

“Art with Heart’s Draw it Out is a beautifully created resource offering children support for their loss. As children process their feelings, this art-focused tool provides unique and engaging opportunities to discover hope and healing. Draw it Out empowers people with all levels of expertise help kids and families through challenging life circumstances.”  ~ Lisa Willis, Moyer Foundation/Camp Erin

“This little book, accessible and friendly, provides a necessary avenue of expression for children whose lives have been forever changed by loss. With just enough structure to focus children upon their experience, it provides great latitude for individual interpretation and articulation. Every grieving child can benefit from this book.”  ~ Tom Freeman, MA LMFT, Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA

Draw It Out is a welcome resource that fills a hole in middle & high-school appropriate resources for young people coping with loss, unwelcome change, and trying to find their feet in the ever-shifting landscape of life.”  ~ Jade Bock, Executive Director, The Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico

Book Highlights

The therapies behind each activity are not readily apparent to the children. We did this by hand-picking illustrators who have worked for children’s television, games, music, magazines, and books. The art invites them to enter with their full heart – knowing this was created especially for them. It helps inspire creative thought and lets the children know that whatever they write down or draw – it’s all good – because it comes from them. Below are just a few of the highlights from the book…

Our Heroes

Special thanks to the following organizations that helped bring this project to life and allowed thousands of children to benefit: