Chill & Spill

“Chill & Spill helped me through a lot of stuff. It wasn’t just an ordinary journal… it actually had some stuff to tell you after what you told it.”

From the survivors of disaster to kids of divorce, teens and ‘tweens use Chill & Spill to help them express both their suffering and strength, facilitating healing, promoting coping skills, and build self-confidence. Chill & Spill is a therapeutic, guided journal that combines creative writing and expressive art with therapies designed to help teens and ‘tweens facing crisis. Publisher Art with Heart also offers trainings and supportive curriculum to teach how to utilize the book to reduce the harmful effects of stress. Proceeds benefit youth in crisis.

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“There are days when things are really bothering me, physically or emotionally, and the book gives me a good place to put everything down. The book asks you to think about things in your life. It makes you think about changes you need to make.” ~ Dee, Treehouse foster care teen

Chill & Spill a great outlet for kids to express themselves in, especially a lot of kids who don’t do well with reading or writing or are tired of talking about their problem. It gives them a sense of autonomy and control, and that’s really important.” ~ Ivy, Youth Counselor, Ruth Dykeman Center, Seattle, WA

Chill & Spill is the best kind of therapy. This book provides the instrument that many teenagers need to externalize their feelings so that they might better understand themselves and resolve the issues that so often trouble them. It encourages the best kind of reflection and is destined to make an impact for good among young people going through a difficult time of life.” ~ Dr. Tony Campolo, PhD, Teacher & Author

“So, here’s where I live now, but everything’s just out of place; but when I come to Chill & Spill, it’s like I’m in heaven or something because it’s so peaceful and stuff.” ~ Joquaesha, 12-year-old residential treatment patient, Ruth Dykeman Center                      READ MORE TESTIMONIALS >>

Evaluation Study & Leader’s Companion Guides

EvalReport_lorezcvr_ShadowChill & Spill underwent a yearlong evaluation study to discover the benefits of its use with high-risk youth and the professionals that serve them. You can view the EVALUATION REPORT online.

Art with Heart also created supportive LEADER’S COMPANION GUIDES to help therapists, social workers, educators, and counselors get the most out of Chill & Spill with the youth they work with. Trainings and supportive curriculum are available to teach how to utilize the program to reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Book Highlights

The therapies behind each activity are not readily apparent to the teens. We did this by hand-picking illustrators who have worked for culturally relevant television shows, games, music, magazines, and books. The art invites them to enter with their full heart – knowing this was created especially for them. It helps inspire creative thought and lets them know that whatever they write down or draw – it’s all good – because it comes from them. Below are just a few of the highlights from the book…