Art with Heart Program FAQs

February 6, 2017
art with heart program

Are you starting an Art with Heart program at your organization? Or running into some questions as you get your program going? We recommend that you purchase a Leader’s Companion if you don’t have one already, but we also hope that this FAQ can help you move things along. Have a question we haven’t addressed[…read more…]

Using Art to Find the Words

January 30, 2017
English as second language art

Silence doesn’t always mean an unwillingness to communicate. Silence can also mean the inability to discuss what weighs us down. The classroom is extra quiet as students fidget back and forth looking at each other. Bright eyes fill with excitement and curiosity as they scan the page filled with intricate illustrations on their desks. The[…read more…]

David Henning, Volunteer Extraordinaire

January 23, 2017
Draw It Out Volunteer

Children at Van Asselt gravitated toward him and readily shared experiences and emotions. When we met David Henning last winter, we knew he was something special. His easy rapport with children and enthusiasm always left us smiling, and we weren’t alone. Children at Van Asselt gravitated toward him and readily shared experiences and emotions. Last[…read more…]

Join Art with Heart at the Northwest Conference on Childhood Grief

January 17, 2017

The Northwest Conference on Childhood Grief is focused on supporting grief professionals in a holistic conference experience where grief support providers can come together and discuss the concept of traumatic loss and the types of therapies that have worked for them and their practices. WHEN: Friday, February 24th, 2017 WHERE: Pacific Tower 1200 12th Avenue South Seattle, WA[…read more…]

Unlocking Misconceptions with Draw It Out

January 9, 2017

“Children facing grief commonly experience “magical thinking,” that can impact them negatively.” When three year old Brian shut the door just as his older brother Luke’s head collided with the knob, he didn’t realize what the result would be. Shortly thereafter, Luke was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It wasn’t until after he died, three[…read more…]

The Best of Art With Heart 2016

January 2, 2017

This year, Art with Heart has continued many fruitful partnerships with organizations like Childhaven and Friends of Youth. We’ve also gained some very exciting new partners, including Navos Mental Health Solutions and the Highline School District. We’ve trained all of their counselors in Draw It Out, and are looking forward to a spring Chill &[…read more…]

Fond Farewells and New Beginnings

December 29, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but this is my last week at Art with Heart before I transition into my next chapter. It’s been an incredible two decades, and I’ve treasured the opportunity to partner with you to help so many young hearts. If you’re a new friend to Art with Heart, welcome! What a great[…read more…]

True Colors: Emotional Learning with Lucy

December 19, 2016

Big emotions come in small packages; anyone who knows a toddler can attest to that. This fall, when I brought my daughter Lucy to preschool, I noticed a chart posted just inside the door: four rectangles in basic colors were captioned with “How Am I Feeling?” What I didn’t realize was that this would become one[…read more…]

Stones for Peace at Navos

December 12, 2016

When Sally, one of Art with Heart’s program coordinators, tells people she’s running a program at Navos Behavioral Health, she says that she watches their eyes go big, or their eyebrows fly up in surprise. She says that they comment about how difficult that must be. It’s easy to understand why people might respond this[…read more…]

The Pages We Love

November 28, 2016

All of my colleagues at Art with Heart are wonderfully creative people with big hearts for children. Each of us came to the organization with the desire to empower kids, and we’ve benefitted right alongside the young lives we’ve worked hard to improve. One of the ways our days are warmed through our work is by[…read more…]