Art with Heart’s purpose is to spread the healing power of creative expression to kids facing trauma or adversity. Coming soon, we will be relaunching our website which will serve as a forum for greater connection and inspiration.

We know that evolution and self-expression go hand in hand. As we enter our third decade, we are evolving our brand expression to represent the greater possibility and momentum experienced through partnership. It will be a place where you can read stories of incredible personal growth, experience the impact that your engagement and support have on kids around the world, and connect with others.

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The Best of Art With Heart 2016

January 2, 2017. By

This year, Art with Heart has continued many fruitful partnerships with organizations like Childhaven and Friends of Youth. We’ve also gained some very exciting new partners, including Navos Mental Health Solutions and the Highline School District. We’ve trained all of their counselors in Draw It Out, and are looking forward to a spring Chill & Spill training.


March marked the 2 year anniversary of the Oso Landslide. We visited nearby Darrington Elementary School to kick off their second year of schoolwide Art with Heart programming. This year, kids are using Draw It Out to continue their healing journey.



We had a glorious year of programming in 2016, from Camp Sparkle to Ryther to Communities in Schools. Participants in our programs this year reported that our therapeutic activity books helped them be themselves, maintain and improve relationships, and listen to their feelings. And facilitators said that students in our programs spent less time in the office and were absent from school fewer days. Win win!


Art with Heart hired CEO Heidi Durham this year. Heidi brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to Art with Heart, and we’re overjoyed that she’s at the helm. This means that we’re also losing Steffanie, and we’re looking forward to everything her journey will bring as we celebrate—every day—the vision that she brought to life.


2016 marked Art with Heart’s 20th anniversary! In twenty years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of children find their way around their emotions, digging into their feelings by drawing and sculpting them, pushing through the tough stuff and turning pain into possibility. We’re so proud of the hard work children and teens using our books are doing and so honored to be a part of it.