Author: Erica Sklar

Children at Van Asselt gravitated toward him and readily shared experiences and emotions. When we met David Henning last winter, we knew he was something special. His easy rapport with children and enthusiasm always left us smiling, and we weren’t alone. Children at Van Asselt gravitated toward him and readily shared experiences and emotions. Last[…read more…]

“Children facing grief commonly experience “magical thinking,” that can impact them negatively.” When three year old Brian shut the door just as his older brother Luke’s head collided with the knob, he didn’t realize what the result would be. Shortly thereafter, Luke was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It wasn’t until after he died, three[…read more…]

Stones for Peace at Navos

December 12th, 2016.

When Sally, one of Art with Heart’s program coordinators, tells people she’s running a program at Navos Behavioral Health, she says that she watches their eyes go big, or their eyebrows fly up in surprise. She says that they comment about how difficult that must be. It’s easy to understand why people might respond this[…read more…]

The Pages We Love

November 28th, 2016.

All of my colleagues at Art with Heart are wonderfully creative people with big hearts for children. Each of us came to the organization with the desire to empower kids, and we’ve benefitted right alongside the young lives we’ve worked hard to improve. One of the ways our days are warmed through our work is by[…read more…]

If you know one thing about nonprofits, it’s that our priorities shift according to the needs of the people we’re serving, and sometimes that means putting a big project on hold and coming back to it later. We’re very excited to be picking up the Magnificent Marvelous Me! Leader’s Companion right where we left off.[…read more…]

Losing Lantu, Building Community

November 14th, 2016.

Imagine losing a friend as close as family. Not just any friend, but one who seemed capable of anything. A friend whose determination and spirit meant that nothing could hold her back. That’s the kind of friend—the kind of person—Lantu was. In Ethiopia, children with special needs can lose out: on parents, education, and community.[…read more…]

Bullying can be the toughest experience children face during their years at school. Bullying prevention programs have helped kids feel safe to speak out, but not all kids reveal what they’re going through to parents and loved ones. What do you do if someone you love is being victimized at school? Are you prepared to[…read more…]

Sera Rogers, Renaissance Woman

October 31st, 2016.

The first time Sera Rogers walked into the Art with Heart office, it was not as a volunteer. Instead, she was working as an interior designer for the architect who helped create our new office four years ago. But when she discovered what we do, she put on her volunteer hat, first facilitating a program[…read more…]

Divorce can be tough on kids, but you can help mitigate their pain by listening to their concerns, helping them learn coping skills, and establishing a new routine that works. We hope this list helps—and if you have other advice, we want to hear what’s worked for you! Being honest about divorce and (some of!)[…read more…]

Expressive arts therapy is a relatively new concept in our modern health system. And though it is seeing growing popularity in hospitals and among mental health professionals, it still faces skepticism. We want you to know that art works. Here are just a few of the studies that have begun the work of measuring the benefits[…read more…]