Art with Heart’s purpose is to spread the healing power of creative expression to kids facing trauma or adversity. Coming soon, we will be relaunching our website which will serve as a forum for greater connection and inspiration.

We know that evolution and self-expression go hand in hand. As we enter our third decade, we are evolving our brand expression to represent the greater possibility and momentum experienced through partnership. It will be a place where you can read stories of incredible personal growth, experience the impact that your engagement and support have on kids around the world, and connect with others.

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Draw It Out: Supporting Children Facing Grief & Loss

“Art with Heart’s books helped my classroom after one of the children died. They had been scared that at any moment, something else horrible was going to happen. Art with Heart’s resources became their text book for healing.”  ~ Teri, 4th Grade Teacher, Kent, WA, after using “Make Your Mark” – the test version of “Draw It Out”honey-dew-art-with-heart-2

Draw It Out is like a treasure map. It helped me reach deep down inside to get to the hidden parts inside my heart.” –9 year-old “Anna” who had been having panic attacks brought on by the loss of her baby sister

“Art expresses what words cannot. Draw It Out contains both the art and the words that move the grief journey so much smoother than any other therapeutic tool I have tried.” –Coral Popowitz, Executive Director | Children’s Grief Connection | Willow River, MN

The Draw It Out Grief Kits are a primary and critical resource we offer to support families grieving the death of someone close to them. The kits bring the support process together, making it a realistic, versatile, and effective addition to a provider’s toolbox in many settings.” –Bethany Gardner | Camp Erin Program Manager | The Moyer Foundation | Seattle, WA

“The Draw It Out journals not only provide a valuable outlet for words, images, and metaphors, but offer a ‘take away’ tool that fosters reflection, self-awareness, and increased insight for healing grieving children.” –Tina Barrett, EdD, LCPC | Executive Director | Tamarack Grief Resource Center | Missoula, MT

“Draw It Out is empowering and engaging and one of only a few books that provides truly inspiring prompts for children challenged by grief, loss, and trauma.” ~ Cathy Malchiodi | Art Therapist, Psychologist, Author | Louisville, KY

“Art with Heart’s materials have enhanced Comfort Zone’s ability to work with vulnerable communities that face loss and significant trauma. In providing the best service possible, we have leveraged the Draw It Out Grief Kits, helping us continue to inform and empower families beyond camp – a vital contribution to the success of children we serve.” ~ Pete Schrock | Vice President, Strategy and Design | Comfort Zone Camps | Richmond, VA

Chill & Spill:  Helping Teens facing Trauma

C&S in use in South Africa

C&S in use in South Africa

Chill & Spill helped me through a lot of stuff. It wasn’t just an ordinary journal where you just write your feelings down. It talked back to you. Instead of just writing stuff down and reading it over, it actually had some stuff to tell you after what you told it.~ Kayla, 18-year-old, YMCA Independent Living Program, Seattle, WA

“Chris, our male educator who works with a middle school boy’s group, took Chill & Spill with him for the first time. He came back AMAZED and DELIGHTED. The boys were thrilled from the moment they laid eyes on the book. They quickly took them out of the shrink-wrap and commented on every picture. Some of the kids started the first activity before Chris was even done handing them out. He had to shove the guys out the door because they wanted to stay and write – but if they did, they would have been late for class!” ~ DeAnn Y., MA, Director of Client Services, Seattle, WA

Middle school student uses C&S during therapy group at his school

Middle school student uses C&S during therapy group at his school

The change we see in the kids because of Chill & Spill is extraordinary. The only problem is that we don’t have enough! The book has become our number one priority in our list of things to do with the kids and to find funding for.” ~ Crystal, MSW, Group Home Social Worker, Alexandria, LA

“I use the book to break the ice, facilitate self-expression and open up communication in my girl’s group. Many of the pages really compliment and strengthen activities I already use.~ Shauna, Prevention & Education Specialist, King County Sexual Assault Resource Program

“We use this book with those displaced by the Hurricanes in Louisiana. It has made a difference in the way they perceive their plight and are more understanding that they are not hopeless. It has given them a better understanding and a resolve to deal with the current situation and work towards improving their outlook on life. They are coping better because of it.” ~ Linda, Alexandria, LA

“One of the benefits of the [Chill & Spill] program is that it comes in this nice, neat little package. You can use parts of it or you can come back to it at any given time. It gives the kids a base, a framework and a common language to talk about their feelings.”   ~ Brian B., Morning Star Boy’s Ranch, Spokane, WA

The refuge I worked at in Chile was so excited to receive the journals – Chill & Spill was absolutely perfect for these teenage mothers who have nowhere to go, and who don’t really like to talk about what they are going through. It helped them tremendously.” ~ Kelsey, volunteer, Santiago, Chile

Pregnant teens in Chile using Chill & Spill

Pregnant teens in Chile using Chill & Spill

Chill & Spill is a resource that can help people of all ages learn to heal themselves and their lives by eliminating destructive feelings and finding acceptance as it helps them open their hearts and minds to their inner wisdom.” ~ Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, Author

“The Chill & Spill program gives our residents a safe place for complete total expression, freeing them from being defined by their circumstances but encouraging them to rise to their possibilities. It helps them communicate difficult issues and emotions, reduce stress, normalize feelings – opening doors to healing. It is an excellent support to our mission.” ~ Sue R., Healing Arts teacher, Morning Star Boy’s Ranch, Spokane, WA

“I have found it valuable to have copies of Chill & Spill on hand. It’s a great tool for students that need a safe outlet for their feelings. The book also gives students ideas on how to continue to help themselves in the future. I’ve received positive feedback from all the students I have given the book to.” ~ Alicea, MEd ESA, Bellevue, WA

Magnificent Marvelous Me:  Supporting Children’s Social/Emotional Skills

Boy with MMMe“This book made me feel sooo good. Before I did [Magnificent Marvelous Me], I felt good, but not as good as [I do] now. After I did this book I felt awesome!” ~ Sophia, 8 year old, Orlando, CA

“I am 10 years old and wanted to let you know that I love this book and I can express my feelings in here. Before I did this book, I felt lonely like there was no one around. After I did this book, I felt really happy and important.” ~ Dawn, 10 year old, Lakewood, CO

“I am dealing with leukemia. I wanted to let you now that I love this book. It makes me feel better. This book helped me not to be sad [but] to be happy.”  ~ Anali, 11 years old, Austin, TX

“We appreciate that Art with Heart’s books provide open-ended questions, creative colorful artwork, and insightful thought-provoking questions.” ~ Diane Rode MPS, CCLS, ATR-BC, LCAT, Child Life Director, Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital

“Art with Heart’s latest revision of Magnificent Marvelous Me! will help kids develop the self-understanding and emotional awareness they need to get through challenging times and come out more resilient and in possession of valuable coping skills for future challenges.” ~ Joan Cole Duffell, Executive Director, Committee for Children

“My mom beats me. Before I did this book, I felt hurt. After I did this book, I felt joy, love…and marvelous. This book helped me go through a lot and I thank you.” ~ N. S., 10 years old, Jacksonville, NC

Ink About It:  Helping ‘Tweens/Teens through Difficult Transitions

Ink About It helps inner city middle schoolers face difficulties

Ink About It helps inner city middle schoolers face difficulties

“Our youth are dealing with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, and have diagnoses like bi-polar, attention deficit, oppositional defiant, depression and suicidal ideations. They are in need of additional ways to express the pain and hurt that they face. Ink About It gives them their own private place to express their feelings without judgement. They gain a sense of power because they can choose who to share their work with.” ~ Teri Curtis, Program Manager, Pioneer Human Services, Seattle, WA

“We quickly witnessed Ink About It‘s tremendous value. We saw our participants coming in early to work on specific pages before the program even started. The book has also been crucial to the group formation, strengthening community among girls to collectively combat the stereotypes that dissipate their strength, ‘smarts’ and courage. And it continues to serve as a useful vehicle; months after the program came to a close, the girls continue to use their books. The range of expressive activities provides an outlet and offers a natural springboard for discussions.” ~ Mark Okazaki, Executive Director, Neighborhood House

Oodles of Doodles:  Supporting Hospitalized Children

Hospitalized children use Oodles to release anxiety

Hospitalized children use Oodles to release anxiety

Oodles is a wonderful tool that we can use to communicate with children. Constantly, we hear that they would like to have something fun to do while they are receiving their treatment and Oodles is a perfect solution. They are creative, beautiful and most of all, fun!” ~ Make-A-Wish Foundation of Washington

“Our local children’s hospital went nuts for Oodles of Doodles. These books have been an incredible asset for ongoing medical outreach.~ Ann Fisher, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western PA/Southern WV

Oodles is a wonderful piece of art and literature that stimulates the user’s creativity and builds their self-esteem. Perhaps more importantly, the activities in the book – thoughtfully designed and masterfully illustrated – allow users to see beyond their stay in the hospital to life after their treatment.” ~ The Lance Armstrong Foundation

“This isn’t simply a collection of coloring pages and connect-the-dots. The heart of the activity book lies within its ability to make children exercise their imagination. The beauty of the book lies not only within its artwork and design, but more importantly, in its emotional impact. The book makes it a point not to dwell on illness, as there is not one mention of being sick anywhere in the book. Rather, the children are asked to think about their aspirations, personal attributes and strengths.” ~ C-Ville Weekly, Virginia