Brand Guidelines

Art with Heart’s logo is a symbol of the important work that we do on behalf of children in crisis. We take this very seriously as it is the visual statement that affects how we are perceived. As such, all those who use it must represent it consistently and with respect.

Our logo and brand are Art with Heart’s valuable intellectual property. We are publishing these guidelines to show acceptable use of our logo to ensure that it is fully protected under the latest intellectual property rights laws.

We’ve created these guidelines to assist you in your use of our Logo. Please review carefully. Except as expressly authorized in writing by Art with Heart, you may only use the Logo in compliance with these requirements. Any use of the Logo indicates your agreement to comply with these guidelines.


Photographs and children’s artwork or illustrations from Art with Heart’s books are available for use by members of the media to support ongoing coverage of Art with Heart. If you need this imagery, please email us. Please include your name/title, deadline, phone number, email, organization or publication – as well as the end purpose of your inquiry. Be sure to note the type of the image you are requesting, as well as the preferred file format (tif, eps or jpg) and size. We will respond to all requests as soon as possible.


Please contact us for us to send you a high-rez copy of the logo and read the guidelines below, to maintain the integrity of the logo.


Under no circumstances can the logo be used for any personal or commercial purpose other than fundraising or raising awareness for Art with Heart.The following basic standards define the correct usage of our logo and name. AwH’s logo is comprised of three unique elements: the framed heart symbol, name (with Trademark symbol) and tagline. These three elements must be used together. Appropriate usage of the logo includes:

  • Use the logo ONLY as provided, except for size. It must be re-sized proportionally.
  • The use and consistency of AwH’s corporate colors are important parts of our identity. To ensure readability, the logo should always appear on a white background. However, we understand that using all 5 colors is not always possible in printed materials. In those cases, use black when printing one-color or two-color pieces. You may also request a reversed logo (white) if your background is solid and dark.
  • When used on the internet, the logo should always be an active link to our homepage ( For printed communications, our website must also be listed. You must notify AwH of the internet address where you intend to use the logo in order to get permission.
  • The logo should always appear in isolation, uncluttered by competing image. The minimum distance of the required clear space around the logo consists of one-half the height of the logo bar. No written information or other logos should appear within this space.

Inappropriate usage of the logo includes:

  • Never enlarge a logo that is pixel based (jpg, tiff, or bitmap). If you are enlarging an EPS logo, keep it proportional. If you need a larger logo than the one provided, please notify us.
  • Redrawing, re-coloring, scaling, distorting, or animating the logo is never permitted. Never reproduce the AwH wording by hand or substitute it with another typeface.
  • Do not apply the AwH logo to any item, website, product, event, or advertisement not endorsed or approved by Art with Heart.
  • Do not use the logo for an internet site which, in AwH’s judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage the AwH’s goodwill in the logo, including but not limited to any use which could be deemed to be obscene, disparaging, pornographic, excessively violent, or otherwise in poor taste, or which purpose or objective is to encourage unlawful activities.

Any logo use must be pre-approved by Art with Heart and logos are issued on a “for placement only” basis until such time that a digital proof may be issued back to Art with Heart for approval. All collateral materials must be “in brand,” and must be reviewed and approved by Art with Heart prior to final design (in the comp stage) – even if they are produced by an outside vendor or a volunteer. The logo remains the property of Art with Heart.

You must be willing to correct any problems in the use of the logo. Refusal to correct problems or to stop publication or distribution could result in revocation of your usage of the logo. Once the logo has been printed on your materials, please send five (5) printed samples to the office for archival purposes or forward the URL where the logo appears.


The copy is uplifting, caring, professional, optimistic, and informative, as well as supportive of the promise to benefit children by connecting to the essence of the message. The mission must be integrated within the text so that the reader has a full understanding of what Art with Heart does, so that they will be compelled to become involved. There must be a call to action (to donate or to volunteer) and should always include a live, linked web address:

WRONG: Art With Heart, AWH
RIGHT: Art with Heart, AwH