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Art with Heart is a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, WA, dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of children affected by hardship. Since 2002, we have created healing, therapeutic activity books that bring together the best in therapy with world-class illustration to help children and teens facing distress use creativity to lead to inspired possibilities. Now in our third decade, we seek to scale our good by building robust local, regional, and national partnerships, developing online tools to reach more youth-serving adults, and creating rigorous research plans to prove with data what we know from qualitative research: Art with Heart helps children turn pain into possibility and despair into hope.

Qualified candidates for open positions must possess a drive for innovation, a love of teamwork, and a commitment toward putting kids first, always.

Available Positions

Art with Heart currently does not have any open positions.
If you are interested in helping kids turn pain into possibility through creative expression, visit our volunteer page!